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Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance Engineering Programs:

    • Best practices benchmarking
    • Management and labor initiatives
    • Asset Criticality Assessments
    • A,B,C Analysis
    • MRO Assessment and Optimization
    • Spare Parts Optimization
    • Lubrication Route Assessment / Development
    • Preventive Maintenance Optimization
    • Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) Support
    • Optimize preventive and predictive maintenance requirements
    • Optimize staffing and workload management requirements
    • Optimize Continuous Improvement Objectives and Goals

Maintenance Engineering Program Objectives:

    • Minimize asset downtime due to failure caused by insufficient PM, aging or excessive PM
    • Eliminate wasting money due to inefficient maintenance practices
    • Plan, prepare and manage service contractor activities
    • Evaluate operational benefits
    • Schedule work efficiently, control costs and ensure regulatory compliance

Benefits Of Our Maintenance Engineering Services:

      • Although there are many benefits, bottom line is more productivity with greater potential profits for your
        • Elimination of unscheduled equipment downtime and service interruptions
        • Protection of equipment warranties
        • Maximizes profits by minimizing production lost or delayed sales due to asset failures

Associated Services:

          • Continuous Improvement Techniques
          • Training Program Development and facilitation
          • Equipment Installation and Reliability Engineering Support
          • Asset Identification and Mapping with Planned Maintenance Routing

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